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Mid 3150 790


Heimerdinger is an amazing pusher What i mean is late game you will be able use your abilities to tuna melt your enemies health in a matter of seconds. You will counter other mids with early game magic resist with the chalice of harmony.He is excellent for doing objectives such as Baron/Drago with multiple turrets that allow him to be a true lane bully.

  • Statistics

    Health: 350 (+75 per level)

    Mana: 240 (+40 per level)

    Attack Damage: 53 (+2.7 per level)

    Attack Speed: 0.625 (+1.36% per level)

    Movement Speed: 340

    Health Regen: 0 (+0.6 per level)

    Mana Regen: 6 (+0.6 per level)

    Armor: 14 (+3 per level)

    Magic Resist: 30 (+0 per level)

  • Skills

    Techmaturgical Repair Bots

    Heimerdinger gives nearby allied H-28G Turrets and Champions increased Health Regeneration.

    H-28G Evolution Turret

    Cost:20 Mana and Turret Kit
    Range: 350

    Heimerdinger lays down a rapid-fire cannon turret equipped with a secondary pass-through beam attack. (Turrets deal half damage to towers).

    Places a Turret at target location. Turret attacks prioritize Heimerdinger's targets and enemies attacking Heimerdinger. Their Health increases with Heimerdinger's champion level and they shut down if he moves out of the area. Heimerdinger generates a Turret Kit every 24/23/22/21/20 seconds and can hold 1/1/2/2/3 Kit(s) at once. H-28G Evolution Turret Stats
    Health: 150/175/200/225/250/275/300/325/350/375/400/425/450/475/500/525/550/575 (+16/16/16/16/16)
    Attack - Cannon: 12/18/23/29/34 (+15% Ability Power) Magic Damage and +1/2/3/4/5% beam charge each attack. Attack - Beam: 40/60/80/105/130 (+55% Ability Power) Magic Damage in a line every 16 seconds. Maximum Turrets Placed: 3

    Hextech Micro-Rockets

    Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 Mana

    Heimerdinger fires long-range rockets that converge on his cursor.

    Unleashes a barrage of 5 rockets that converge towards your cursor and fan out past it. Each rocket deals 60/90/120/150/180 (+45% Ability Power) Magic Damage. Units hit multiple times take reduced damage:Champions and Monsters: 12/18/24/30/36 (+12% Ability Power) Magic Damage, max 108/162/216/270/324 0.93 total damageMinions: 60% of base damageAiming between Heimerdinger and the target increases the rocket spread.

    CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade

    Cost:85 Mana
    Range: 970

    Heimerdinger lobs a grenade at a location, dealing damage to enemy units as well as stunning anyone directly hit and slowing surrounding units.

    Hurls a grenade that deals 60/100/140/180/220 (+60% Ability Power) Magic Damage to enemy units and slows their Movement Speed by 35% for 2 seconds. Enemies in the center of the blast are also stunned for 1.25 seconds.


    Cost: 100 Mana
    Range: 280

    Heimerdinger invents an upgrade, causing his next spell to have increased effects.

    Makes next basic ability free and gives it bonus effects. Reactivate to cancel.
    H-28Q Apex Turret: Places a Turret that deals 80/100/120 (+30% Ability Power) Magic Damage with its cannon and 200/270/340 (+70% Ability Power) Magic Damage with its beam for 8 seconds. It has splash damage, immunity to disables, its attacks slow targets by 25% for 2 seconds, it receives 20% of a beam charge per attack, and it doesn't count toward the Turret limit.
    Hextech Rocket Swarm: Fires 4 waves of rockets that deal 135/180/225 0.45/0.45/0.45 Magic Damage each. Champions and Monsters hit by multiple rockets take reduced damage, max 500/690/865 1.83.
    CH-3X Lightning Grenade: Throws a bouncing grenade that discharges three times, dealing 150/200/250 0.6 Magic Damage. Both the stun and slow areas are larger and the slow is improved to 80%.

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  • Skill build

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