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Top/Jungle 6300 975


Aatrox is a top laner who can be built as a marksman, a tank, or half of both. I believe his potential comes as a tanky DPS champion, and this is what I will be talking about in this guide. With his powerful sustain and amazing steroid on his ult. When played smartly, he can win his lane with ease, and if snowballed he becomes a serious threat to the entire enemy team. His early game damage output and persistent engage/sustain/escape tools define why he is such a remarkable champion. So be prepared to bait your enemies, get plenty of kills and carry your team to victory!

  • Statistics

    Health: 395 (+85 per level)

    Attack Damage: 55 (+3.2 per level)

    Attack Speed: 0.651 (+3% per level)

    Movement Speed: 345

    Health Regen: 5.75 (+0.5 per level)

    Armor: 18 (+3.8 per level)

    Magic Resist: 30 (+1.25 per level) )

  • Skills

    Blood Well

    When using an ability that costs Health, Aatrox stores the self-inflicted damage into the Blood Well. Upon taking fatal damage Aatrox extracts the blood from the well and recovers it as health over a brief duration. Additionally, Aatrox gains 1% Attack Speed for every 2% blood that is in the well.

    Dark Flight

    Cost: 10% of Current Health
    Range: 600

    Aatrox takes flight and slams down at a targeted location, dealing damage and knocking up enemies at the center of impact.

    Aatrox takes flight and slams down at a targeted location, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+60% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to all nearby enemies and knocking up targets at the center of impact for 1 second.

    Blood Thirst / Blood Price

    Cost: no cost
    Range: self

    While toggled on Aatrox deals bonus damage every third subsequent attack at the expense of his own Health. While toggled off Aatrox restores Health every third subsequent attack.

    While toggled off Aatrox benefits from Blood Thirst, while toggled on Blood Price is activated and removes Blood Thirst.
    Blood Thirst: Every third attack, Aatrox restores 20/25/30/35/40 (+25% bonus Attack Damage) Health, increased by 200% when below half Health.
    Blood Price: Every third attack, Aatrox deals 60/95/130/165/200 (+100% bonus Attack Damage) bonus physical damage and loses Health.

    Blades of Torment

    Cost: 5% of Current Health
    Range: 1000

    Aatrox unleashes the power of his blade, dealing damage to all enemies hit and slowing them.

    Aatrox unleashes the power of his blade, dealing 75/110/145/180/215 (+60% Ability Power) (+60% bonus Attack Damage) Magic Damage to all enemies hit and slowing them by 40% for 1.75/2/2.25/2.5/2.75 seconds.


    Cost: no cost
    Range: 550

    Aatrox draws in the blood of his foes, damaging all nearby enemy champions around him and gaining increased Attack Speed and bonus Attack Range for a short duration.

    Aatrox draws in the blood of his foes, dealing 200/300/400 (+100% Ability Power) magic damage to all enemy champions around him, increasing his Attack Speed by 40/50/60%, and gaining 175 Attack Range for 12 seconds.

  • Item guide

  • Skill build

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  • Runes and summoner spells